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Tractor Boy Ted

Ted says that most of what he does goes on behind his back. Being a tractor driver who on earth could deny that fact! The farming year which begins in the autumn, dictates his whole way of life. In spite of all the massive advances in agriculture, it can still be summed up as ‘plough and sow and reap and mow’.

The village way of life is taking a hammering these days, the pubs and post offices close and the churches struggle; but is it all bad news? Many people are hitting back at this and it is to be hoped they will succeed. Folk music catalogues the changes that have taken place way back into the mists of time and much has fallen and risen again.

I mention folk music because, in my view, humorous, dialect songs such as Ted’s album and those sung by George Formby, The Singing Postman, The Worzels and others are part of the family of folk music. They are designed to make you smile but do include lyrics that relate to everyday things of their particular period.

Ted’s album‘s title song was inspired by a little lane that runs between fields and links the Norfolk coastal village of Scratby with Ormesby St Margaret. It is named ‘Thoroughfare Lane’. The well known farmer who gives it a good old coating of mud,in season, has no idea that his art caused such inspiration; albeit that the song also incorporates a village, dubbed ‘Chelsea On Sea’ by some other Norfolk wit, which is many miles away to the North West. To his credit, the farmer returns the lane to a pristine state very regularly.

Ted has a rustic chorus to help him through his songs and I reckon they do him proud. There’s many a publican would like this little ensemble leading a good old sing along on his premises. Fourteen songs encapsulating the village and farming way of life, presented in the Norfolk dialect with really musical backings and, as already stated, that 'Kings Head Chorus' make this album unique. If you like 'The Singing Postman' then you will love Ted. Buy his first offering now and keep an eye out for additions in the future.