The Singing Postman


The Whole Collection! (Does not include 'A Special Collection')

The Whole Collection! (Does not include 'A Special Collection')

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About The Singing Postman

The Singing Postman

Allan Smethurst was born in November 18th 1927 in Bury, Lancashire. At the age of two his parents moved to Sheringham, Norfolk where he spent the rest of his childhood. He was schooled at Paston Grammar School in North Walsham, Norfolk. Based on the schools fine seat of learning, it is remarkable that Allan maintained his strong Norfolk accent. Sadly Allan lost his father during his early teens and relocated with his mother to Cleethorpes where she remarried.

At the age of twenty-one Allan started to write nostalgic songs based on his young life in Norfolk. A home made tape of one of these, 'Hev Yew Gotta Loigh Bor', landed on the desk of Ralph Tuck. Ralph was part of a milling family, but at the time, circa 1964, he was working as a presenter on a regional radio programme. Ralph liked what he heard and formed a small recording firm and promoted Allan as The Singing Postman. Titled due to Allan's twelve years of delivering mail for Royal Mail in Linconshire. Allan's recording career took off.

Allan became a great success. He was booked for a summer season at the Windmill, Great Yarmouth. He featured in a series of Television Wales and West programmes called "1034 and all that" and record sales were soaring (particularly in East Anglia). These soaring sales lead to a recording contract with E.M.I, which included the involvement of Dick James publishers who at the time were also publishing the Beatles. He has also appeared on TV shows 'Crackerjack', 'The Des O'Connor Show' and 'Top of the Pops'. In 1964 he was awarded the Ivor Novello award for best novelty song of that year. In 1970 Rolf Harris recorded 'Hev Yew Gotta Loight Bor' and took it well up into the charts.

In all the lime light Allan began to suffer from stage fright. This lead him to drink heavily (to the point of being an alcoholic) and due to poor money management spent all his money on the problem. Allan in 1970 went on to be signed by Tony Palmer under City Music. Allan was given a two year recording contract and went on to record as many songs as he had previously recorded with Ralph Tunk and E.M.I. City Music went on to lease an album to President records which was released nationwide.

Allan spent his last years in a Salvation Army hostel in Grimsby. He died on 22nd December 2000 in the hostel. Allan is now seen as a Norfolk icon and is very much a part of local folklore.

Allan was a fan of George Formby, Frank Crummit and Jimmy Roger. His music is of simple structure but fits the lyrics perfectly. Anglian music is proud to be able to present to you all of The Singing Postman's work (Seventy-one songs) on seven CD's. This has been made possible through the courtesy of Rob Tuck - Ralph Tuck's son who has given permission to release the pre 1970 tracks.