About City Music/Anglian Music

In 1963 Tony Palmer a Norfolk born man formed City Music - a music publishing firm. The name coined due to Tony's residence in London at the time. However, the true beginning starts way back in Tony's youth.

During the Second World War when Tony was eight years of age he joined the local Ormesby Parish Church Choir in Norfolk following his love of music. Due to the nearby church of Saint Nicholas, Great Yarmouth being gutted by German bombing. Vivian Woodrow, a previous member of Saint Nicholas Church Choir became the choirmaster of Ormesby Parish Church.

Woodrow while in his time at Saint Nicholas Parish Church Choir had been instructed under Dr. Hayden Hare. Dr. Hare who was known in his day as one of the finest choirmasters in the country gave Woodrow a vast experience of choral singing, voice production technique and church music in general. This influence allowed Woodrow to pass on his experience to his new choir and Tony himself. In the years that followed Tony decided that he wanted to know more than just how to read music and sing. He subsequently studied theory of music and composition under Earnest Lawson and Robert Gillings (In time that followed Gillings went on to become a cathedral organist).

Tony soon passed his grade eight Royal Schools of Music theory exam. He considered it a starting point for composition and went on to learn how to orchestrate for a full symphony orchestra. His first symphony was played by the University of East Anglia Music Society in 1999. Tony has also written hundreds of songs and many other compositions that range in style from country and western to jazz.

Many of Tony's songs have been recorded by many well known artists. This includes chart artists Yana and The Singing Postman. The Singing Postman was signed under Tony for two years and during this time forty songs were recorded by him under the City Music Label. Years later Tony has been able to add 'Hev Yew Gotta Loight Bor' and all the other postman recordings to the City Label. Further artists that have all worked with Tony are Budgie Coleman, Nigel Boy Syer, Winston The Singing Farmer and Jon Lowe. In total the City Music Label has released around sixty albums on vinyl or CD.

Anglian Music is a subsidiary of City Music. It is a member of Performing Rights Society, Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (MCPS) and Phonographic Performance Ltd. Anglian Music is the sole owner of The Singing Postman recordings and they are available from this website.